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Our Trusted Practitioners

Our Spellers have been lucky enough to work with several different certified-S2C practitioners in different states.

Each one has helped to advance their motor skills and move closer to open communication.  


We appreciate their dedication to the practice of S2C and to the success of our Spellers! 

Access S2C

Leeann DiTomaso & Samantha Paros

Beyond Speech Therapy

Samantha Fox

Body Brain Connection

Melissa Stone

Spellers Center San Diego

Brooke Poston

Spellers Center Tampa

Dana Johnson

Purchase Letterboards

Just getting started and need letterboards? Stencils, laminate and sensory foam boards can all be purchased through various providers through these links!

Free S2C Lessons!

"Fun in the Florida Sun"

"Changing the World"


"Done is Better Than Perfect"

"Basic Math Skills"


"Exercise for Happiness"

"Healthy Lifestyle"

"Wormholes: Fact or Fiction?"

Lessons are the framework of S2C sessions. They offer meaningful educational content and an opportunity for engagement through Spelling. 

Authored by parents and practitioners, and free for your use - just click to download!

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