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Your Go-To Space for Networking and Sharing with Parents of Spellers and Advocates of Spelling to Communicate!

Welcome to the S2C Parent Network!

We Believe Everyone Deserves to be Heard!

We are Moe & Jessica - here to welcome you to the whole new world of Spelling to Communicate! We are the Moms of these two beautiful souls - bonded by S2C, which has changed our lives!


Our mission is to share our experiences on this road to open communication for our kids. We want to spread the positive word about S2C, help educate, advocate and grow the community of Spellers. We believe that everyone has the right to be heard and understood, and we want to help others to achieve that goal as well. Read about our journey so far, and follow along as we continue on this exciting path!

About Us!

What is S2C?

S2C stands for Spelling to Communicate. S2C certified practitioners teach non-speakers and minimal or unreliable speakers the motor skills required to point to letters to spell as a means of alternative communication.

Max is 18 years old and a senior in high school.  He is a minimal speaker on the autism spectrum, and has been a Speller for just over two years working with four amazing certified S2C practitioners in that time. Max's favorite color is green, he loves to run and ski and spend time cuddling with his two dogs, Wylie and Freddy!

Max's Journey

Marissa is nine-years-old and currently in the fourth grade in her home school program. She is a non-speaker with autism, has been Spelling for two years and has worked with a variety of certified S2C practitioners. Marissa's favorite color is pink, she loves to swim, ride her bike and playing endlessly with her dog, Penny!

Marissa's Journey

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